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Southeast Hydroblasting, Inc. Headquartered in the Charlotte NC metro area. We currently service North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. History After working for large nation wide cleaning contractors for many years it became evident that change was needed in the Industrial Cleaning Industry. Specifically: personnel retention, equipment condition, training, and all around communication. With this in mind we started Southeast Hydroblasting, Inc. Since 1997 our customers have allowed us to grow to an optimum size. Small enough to give personal service and big enough to handle their shutdown cleaning needs. We take pride in the fact that all of our customers think of us before our competition. Safety Safety comes first at Southeast Hydroblasting, Inc.. We take time to OSHA train our employees. We also meet regularly to discus safety issues. We don't wait until there is a problem. We are also active in engineering safer ways to perform our work. If we can modify or purchase equipment to make our job safer we do it. We are committed to our employees being and feeling safe while on the job.  Equipment In our industry, equipment is very important. If our equipment does not perform we can’t serve our customers needs. We vest time and money to perform preventative maintenance on all of our equipment to reduce the chances of on-site break downs. We know that in the “real world” break downs can not be eliminated. We have made provisions for the most likely situations to minimize the impact. We are always looking for ways to improve our services utilizing new or modifying existing equipment.   Employees We take pride in the level of experience and professionalism of our employees. We have a combined 80 years of experience in our field. We know that employees make or break the success of any cleaning project. We take care of our employees. We think and act as a team with a common goal to serve you the best we can.


Hydroblasting, Inc.

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